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What is SPRNG?

SPRNG (Sustainable Practices Raising Net Growth) provides a means to support innovation and best practices within the triple bottom line paradigm of people, planet, and profit. Its purpose is to enhance the shared network of professionals and help catalyze collaboration towards sustainable ends. Speaker/ panelist discussion will focus on:

  • Which strategies have most contributed towards the development of sustainable business.

  • Expressing current movements in sustainable industries and addressing what shape they may take moving forward. (movements- Innovation/ leadership)

  • Addressing the role collaboration plays between sectors as a beneficial driving force behind the triple bottom line.


  • Members of well established organizations and associations, along with other talented and innovative Northwest leaders.
  • Graduate and undergraduate student leaders preparing to join the socially-driven atmosphere in the Northwest.
  • Sectors represented will include: technology, education, built environment, impact investing, policy, law, etc.

Sponsorship information:

We need your support! If your company / organization is interested in sponsoring SPRNG / UO net impact, please contact Lindsey Rosenfield (lindsey.rosenfield@gmail.com)

About SPRNG's host: 

The goal of UO Net Impact is to educate, collaborate with and positively influence our campus and local community through the power of sustainable business practices and the triple bottom line: Planet, People and Prosperity. 

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