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What is SPRNG?

SPRNG (Sustainable Practices Raising Net Growth) provides a means to support innovation and best practices within the triple bottom line paradigm of people, planet, and profit. Its purpose is to enhance the shared network of professionals and help catalyze collaboration towards sustainable ends. Speaker/ panelist discussion will focus on:

  • Which strategies have most contributed towards the development of sustainable business.

  • Expressing current movements in sustainable industries and addressing what shape they may take moving forward. (movements- Innovation/ leadership)

  • Addressing the role collaboration plays between sectors as a beneficial driving force behind the triple bottom line.


  • Members of well established organizations and associations, along with other talented and innovative Northwest leaders.
  • Graduate and undergraduate student leaders preparing to join the socially-driven atmosphere in the Northwest.
  • Sectors represented will include: technology, education, built environment, impact investing, policy, law, etc.

Sponsorship information:

We need your support! If your company / organization is interested in sponsoring SPRNG / UO net impact, please contact Lindsey Rosenfield (lindsey.rosenfield@gmail.com)

About SPRNG's host: 

The goal of UO Net Impact is to educate, collaborate with and positively influence our campus and local community through the power of sustainable business practices and the triple bottom line: Planet, People and Prosperity. 

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      • Dave Frohnmayer
      • His prior public service also includes three terms in the Oregon House of Representatives, legal adviser to the UO president and dean of the UO law school. As attorney general, he argued and won six of seven cases before the United States Supreme Court, the most cases and best record of any contemporary state attorney general. He is a national, prize-winning essayist on the United States Constitution.  Dave and his wife Lynn are founders of the Fanconi Anemia Research Fund, Inc. He is a founding director of the National Marrow Donor Program and a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Dave is a director of the Ford Family Foundation and also served as Umpqua Bank Director.  Frohnmayer was designated UO President Emeritus by the Oregon State Board of Higher Education in July 2009 and teaches courses on leadership theory in the Clark Honors College and the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Oregon. He also teaches public law courses at the School of Law where he is a professor.

      • Mark Edlen
      • CEO, GerdingEdlen
      • Mark Edlen is internationally recognized for his expertise and success in creating sustainable communities in mixed-use commercial, residential, educational, and retail developments.

        Since 1996, when Mark Edlen co-founded the firm with Bob Gerding, who passed away in 2009, the firm has developed more than 60 green projects totaling nearly $5 Billion in real estate value throughout the Western United States. With more LEED certified buildings than any other private developer in the world and the originator of the 20-minute living concept, Gerding Edlen is guided by an approach—a set of criteria they have developed called Principles of Place—where community plays a pivotal role alongside design and technology in the success of their projects.

      • Regina Hauser
      • Former Executive Director/ Board Member, The Natural Step International
      • Regina believes that life is an adventure that shouldn’t be missed, which goes a long way to explain her decision to leave the comfortable life of a lawyer at Schwabe Williamson and Wyatt to take the helm of The Natural Step Network. Because she enjoys blazing a trail, it makes sense that she has led the Network from a local organization to a growing national network in just seven years.  Perhaps it was the patent litigation in her background that attracted her to the science of the Natural Step. Regina’s exuberance for life, her sense of humor, and her passion for sustainability can be seen both in her many presentations about the Natural Step, and slide shows from trekking adventures in places like Bhutan, Tibet and Peru.  Her husband Chris will attest that she’s not afraid to take a spill, whether in water, mud or life.  Regina sees the challenge of sustainability as a defining opportunity for individuals and organizations alike, and believes our response to that challenge will define our character for generations to come.  

      • Bill Campbell
      • CFO / Principal, Equilibrium Capital
      • Bill’s engagement with sustainability and energy efficiency dates back to the start of his professional career, as a lawyer with what is now the Ater Wynne firm. He practiced at the intersection of Ater Wynne’s substantial energy practice and its venture startup practice. He served as general counsel to companies in technology, from startup to IPO to public company — Pixelworks, TriQuint, and others. And in the early 1990s Bill was counsel to the first “conservation utility,” Microgrid — a full spectrum energy efficiency company providing solutions on a local utility model.

        Bill joined colleague and longtime business partner, Dave Chen, at Equilibrium Capital Group to apply post-venture financing solutions to companies in key sustainability sectors. Bill is a co-founder and Chief Financial Officer of Equilibrium Capital Group and President of Equilibrium Capital Services, LLC, the firms broker dealer subsidiary.

      • Joe Whitworth
      • President, The Freshwater Trust
      • Informed by his 20+ years of NGO work, Joe has become focused on the next generation of conservation tools that can leverage technology and finance to accelerate the pace and scale of restoring freshwater ecosystems. A patented inventor and an American Leadership Forum Senior Fellow, he was also founding board chair of the Council for Responsible Sport. Throughout his career in the Pacific Northwest, Joe has served as a formal advisor on issues ranging from agriculture, climate, finance, salmon, and water at both the state and regional levels. He holds a J.D. from Lewis & Clark College, and an A.B. from Dartmouth College. When not exploring new water, Portland, Oregon, serves as home base for him and his family.

      • Andy Giegerich
      • Editor, Sustainable Business Oregon
      • Andy Giegerich has more than 25 years of journalism experience, the last 14 of them covering Portland business and general news. Along with working for 10 years at the Portland Business Journal, he served on the Portland Tribune’s original staff. He also spent eight years working at various magazines and newsletters in and around Washington, D.C. When he’s not covering news, he enjoys writing satire, playing and listening to music, playing Tracball and the usual things — traveling, reading, hiking, hanging out with his wife and cats — that everyone else does.

      • Tim Smith
      • Principal, SERA Architects
      • Tim Smith is a registered architect and a certified planner with over 30 years of professional experience. Tim focuses on the SERA’s Urban Design and Planning practice and in this capacity has led SERA’s design of a new capital city for the Western Region of Abu Dhabi, Eco-Taipei, and the Portland State University Framework Plan. Tim recently served as urban design advisor to the City of San Francisco.

        Tim’s work in sustainability has received a number of awards including a Progressive Architecture Research Award for Sustainable Communities in the Urban-Rural Interface. He has directed SERA’s efforts to develop the Civic Ecology framework and has lectured widely on the topic. He is co-author of Making EcoDistricts: Concepts and Methods for Advancing Sustainability in Neighborhoods. Tim has served as Vice President of the Portland Planning Commission, on the Portland Chapter AIA Urban Design Committee, the Mayor’s Central City Roundtable, as Chair of the Metro Construction Excise Tax Screening Committee and as a member of the City of Portland EcoDistrict Technical Advisory Committee. Tim is a graduate of the University of Michigan where he also received a Master of Architecture.  He received a Master of City Planning and a Master in Architecture (Urban Design) from the University of Pennsylvania. Tim taught urban design at the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Design. 

      • Marsha Willard
      • Executive Director, International Society of Sustainability Professionals; CEO, AXIS Performance Advisors, Inc.
      • Marsha serves as CEO of Axis Performance Advisors and also as the Executive Director of the International Society of Sustainability Professionals. She is past and present adjunct faculty at the University of Oregon, BGI, and the Presidio Graduate School. As a GRI-Certified sustainability report writer, Marsha focuses on the strategies and tools needed by sustainability professionals to communicate and promote the case for sustainability.

        Marsha co-authored The Business Guide to Sustainability (recipient of the American Library Association Choice Award) with fellow faculty member Darcy Hitchcock.

      • Sally Bell
      • Career Services Adviser, University of Oregon
      • Sally Bell advises businesses, organizations and students on leadership, communications and strategy.  She currently serves at the Career Services Adviser for University of Oregon's MBA program.  Sally wears many hats in Portland and serves on the Portland Net Impact Professionals board.  She received her MBA in Sustainable Business from the Bainbridge Graduate Institute where she also teaches Organizational Leadership.  

SPRNG Agenda (Subject to Change)

4:00PM - 4:50PM Arrivals / Appetizers / Tabling
4:50PM - 5:50PM Introductions / Intro Speakers
5:50PM - 6:30PM Buffet Dinner
6:30PM - 7:30PM Panelist Discussion
7:30PM - 8:00PM Closing Keynotes / Closing Reception
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